Technical Books I read in 2015

2015 was a good year, I have read several books in it, some of them I studied cover-to-cover, and selected some interesting parts from others.
here is a list of those books:

SQL Anti-Patterns

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming

After I watched Percona webinar “How to Avoid Even More Deadly MySQL Dev Mistakes“, I decided that I must read this book. It explained many bad (or even incorrect) practices of SQL – some of them are widely spread in many frameworks and projects – like: polymorphic association and Metadata Tribbles.
The structure of discussing each topic is really useful; explaining theoretical concept, how to recognize, legitimate use and solution of each antipattern.
This book helped me improve many SQL related parts of my projects.

Modern PHP

This book explains the most recent features and tools of PHP language and community. It covers many parts that are not restricted to php development,
including: standards, profiling, testing, hosting, deployment with introduction to interesting related topics like: HHVM and vagrant …etc.

Linux and Linux Administration Handbook

This book is a complete guide to Linux administration, it is highly detailed book that I didn’t read all of it; but I selected several chapters that are interesting and contains important details to me as a developer.
Some of the sections that I read:

  • scripting and the shell (included introduction to server side scripting in bash, python and perl)
  • booting and shutdown (GRUB, user modes and startup scripts like upstart)
  • Controlling processes (processes components, states and monitoring tools)

I think I will get back to this book in near future to study many other chapters.

GIT Workbook

This book is relatively small book, but it contains excellent practical information about GIT. I think every developer working with GIT can benefit from reading this book.

some parts that I found interesting: rebase, rebase interactive, GIT bisect for fault finding and submodules.
I wish if this book get updated soon to include more advanced stuff about GIT.


I have skim read some other e-books like “Percona MySQL Performance Optimization” along with regular reading of PHPArch magazine,
hopefully I will be able to read and learn more in 2016.