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Review of Tokyo ravens

Winter of 2014 was really good anime season, it has a dozen of anime shows that worth watching, varying genres between: magic, drama, supernatural and others. Among those shows, I really enjoyed watching “Tokyo Ravens”  every week and loved to blog a brief post about it:

Genres: Comedy, School, Super Power, Supernatural.
Season: Winter 2013/2014


This show takes place in Japan with world that magic plays major role in it, there are laws to regulate using magic, schools that teach it, onmyo agency that acts as police force to keep magic issues under control. The main character in the story is Harutora, young man who is born for an important and powerful prestigious Onmyoji family, but he cannot see “spirit power” and as a result cannot be an Onmyo fighter. However, his cousin, Natsume, which is a girl of the head family cause him to enroll into the main Onmyo school in the capital Japan, and that’s when things begin to change!

My Review

Usually the super power anime are not my favorite, but this anime has really good storyline, the fighting scenes and music are simply excellent. Every character has his own power and influence in the show, so the story is not centered around a couple of characters like other single-hero stories, and when you think that some character is not that strong, you will be surprised by his own skills (like what I though about the main character – Harutora).


Tokyo Ravens is one of few anime shows that cause me to lose control of myself and watch the last several episodes all together, episode themes are varies from comedy, simple funny school life, to intense fighting scenes and life/death events.
I really enjoyed my time watching it, and I really wish that second season or at least an OVA comes out really soon 🙂