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Anime watched in summer 2015

Summer of 2015 was not a good anime season for me, it has few interesting shows, but mostly was not as good as previous season’s.

Here is a list of the shows that I watched in that season, ranked according to my opinion from least to most enjoyable:

  • 5. Working!!!


    Genres : Comedy, Slice of Life, Work Life
    Brief : Third season for working anime, that revolves around high school students working in family restaurant with comedy oriented atmosphere along with awkward relationships and funny characters.

    My opinion : third season of the same funny comedy, this season contained noticeable character development.

  • 4. Aoharu x Kikanjuu

    English Name: Aoharu x Machine Gun


    Genres : Action, Comedy, Shounen
    Brief : Hotaru Tachibana is a girl usually dressed as a boy, who accidentally enters the world of survival games and joins “Top Gun Gun” team along with two members.

    My opinion : Funny story that revolves around survival games and friendship between team members with light comedy, it is funny yet enjoyable show.

  • 3. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

    English Name: Snow White with the Red Hair


    Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
    Brief : Shirayuki is a pharmacist with apple-red hair, becomes friend with prince Zen after rescuing her from her kingdom prince who demands that she become his concubine.

    My opinion : at first I thought this a traditional story between beautiful cheerful girl and a young prince, but as the story progress, I found other sides for each character, it is slight romance and good storyline.


  • 2. Rokka no Yuusha

    English Name: Rokka: Braves of the Six


    Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery
    Brief : When the Demon God about to awakens, the Goddess of Fate selects six heroes and give them with the power to save the world. Adlet, is one of those “The Heroes of the Six Flowers.”. However, as the heroes gather, there was seven of them instead of six, one is the impostor and the doubts gives to Adlet to be the “fake” one.

    My opinion : fantasy show with good fighting scenes, the mystery of finding the seventh was really tricky and shocking at the same time.

  • 1. Charlotte


    Genres : Drama, School, Super Power
    Brief : some teenage boys and girls who wield special powers that disappears after they become adults, gathered in a school for students with supernatural abilities. Yuu Otosaka joins the school counsel to gather all guys with super powers to refrain them from using their abilities.

    My opinion : Beginning as slow based standard super powers story, good animation with lovely characters and have some surprising events as the story goes on.

Fate Zero

I normally don’t like fantasy anime, and would prevent them and seek for slice of life anime that has an experience some how closer to normal people.
However, unlike I expected at first, Fate Zero became one of the favorite animes due to its great storyline.

* note: this anime produced after “Fate Stay Night“, however, you can watch it without watching “Fate Stay Night” without spoiling anything, in fact I did that, and I was glad that I did 🙂

The story of this anime take place before 10 years from “Fate Stay Night”  anime, telling the story of the 4th holy grail war. Seven mages will summon seven spirits in order to fight and the winner will obtain the reward which is the “Holy Grail” that grants the wish of the victor (even if he asked a miracle).

The spirits represents a historical heroes that each of them have some ambition or wish that he couldn’t accomplish in his past life, so they have a strong motive to win the holy grail in to complete their ambition. So there are the King arthur/Saber, and Alexander the Great/Rider and other heroes

The beauty of this anime is the combination of different characters, each mage has its own philosophy in the life that drive him to put his life on the line in order to get the grail. and each hero spirit that fight with the mage, has its own idols and ambitions that form his/her “King Path”.

Regarding the animation, the anime art is too good, the fighting scenes and music are just great.