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Anime Winter 2014 Watch list

Here is a list of the anime shows that I watched in winter season 2014 (in fact two of those shows are left from the previous season), ranked according to my opinion from least to most enjoyable shows:

  • 7- D-Frag

    D-Frag anime winter 2014

    Genres : Comedy, School, Seinen.
    Brief : The story about Kazama Kenji who is a high school delinquent who is forced somehow to join “game” club with four girls, so he found himself spending time with the club members playing various strange yet funny games.
    My opinion : This anime is a light comedy anime that does not have any story, I enjoyed some of the episodes, but Its not my favorite comedy style.
  • 6- Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (Pilot Love Song)

    pilot love song - winter anime 2014

    Genres : Adventure, Drama, Romance.
    Brief : Story about a prince who’s parents were killed in revolution and forced to live as normal person. Then, he joins military journey in order to become a pilot along with the same girl that led the revolution against his family.
    My opinion : good drama anime with some good battle scenes, however, I found the plot not deeply engaging.
  • 5- Golden Time

    golden time anime - fall/winter 2014

    Genres : Comedy, Romance, Seinen.
    Brief : Banri is a freshman in the university who lost his previous memories in an accident after high school graduation, the story evolves around his relationships with his girlfriend, previous crush and other friends.
    My opinion : good love and drama anime, characters are somehow realist with real concerns and problems. Its not one of the best in those genres but still worth watching.
  • 4- Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to unidentified)

    Engaged to the unidentified - winter anime 2014

    Genres : Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance.
    Brief : On the sixteenth birthday of young girl Kobeni, she surprised that she has a fiance, as decided by her granpa, and this fiance will live in their house along with his little sister. the story about lovely relationship between the couple, and their life activities in the school and house.
    My opinion : I really enjoyed my time watching this anime, funny and lovely relationship along many comedy scenes.
  • 3- Nisekoi (Fake Love)

    nisekoi anime winter 2014

    Genres : Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Harem.
    Brief : Raku Ichijou is a high school student and son of gang leader in his city, he is forced to fake being boyfriend to Kirisaki who is daughter for another gang in the city. This puts him into weird situation especially that he has crush on his classmate Onodera.
    My opinion : Enjoyable show, made me laugh all the time about the awkward fake relationship between Ichijou and Kirisaki. Highly recommend it for anyone who loves comedy love stories.
  • 2- Tokyo Ravens


    Genres : Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural.
    Brief : In an era where magic have major influence in the society, Harutora, who is descendant of prestigious Onmyoji family, has no talent or interest in magic. However, appearance of his cousin Natsume changes his opinion, and make his join Onmyo school.
    My opinion : great anime, unexpected twists in the story along with excellent fighting scenes and plot. I hope they produce second season soon.
  • 1- Gin No Saji 2nd Season

    silver-spoon - winter anime 2014

    Genres : Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of Life.
    Brief : second season of “silver spoon” show, that continue story of Hachiken, who is high school student that joins agricultural school to leave his family problems behind. The anime shows the daily activities of farm people and along with challenges that face them.
    My opinion : this anime is very amusing and has great story line. It is both realistic, emotional and somehow inspiring. I think it’s the best slice of live anime I have watched in a while.